Three academic societies of Clinical Art Therapy in Korea, China and Japan decided to have an annual Conference to activate the information exchange and to enhance the art therapy activities in East Asia. This Conference was named BESETO CAT after each country's capital city. ie) Beijing(BE), Seoul(SE), Tokyo(TO).

BESETO CAT was initiated in 2008 by professor Sun Hyun Kim, who is the president of KACAT(Korea Association of Clinical Art Therapy), and accordingly she became the founding of it.

This conference will be held annually in the order of Japan, China, and Korea. The member of holding country will be the president of each conference and the member of coming conference will be the chief of organization. In 2009 the first conference was held in Tokyo and Kijo Rokkaku, Japan took the presidency and Cui Yong, China took the role of the chief organization. The second conference and third conference was held in Beijing China, and Seoul Korea each. The third conference was held in Japan in September, 2012. Through BESETO CAT, KACAT has intention to become the leading Art Therapy association in Asia and accomplish continuous academic progress.

2014 6th BESETO CAT Conference in SEOUL
2015 7th BESETO CAT Conference in BEIJING

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