Greeting from Chief!

Clinical Art Therapy is the treatment through the art media for clientele to be soothed and encouraged positive energy. The art therapy in Western medicine is rapidly broaden the range of the applied clinical settings and also, in Eastern medicine, it is applied a variety of approaches and researches in Complimentary-Alternative Medicine. We have been focusing on the clinical art therapists’ career advances and unity for proper system of its field. To support our clientele and patients appropriately, we as a clinical art therapists are working as the team player with clinical staffs in Integrative medicine field. Since united this academy, we have been trying to build appropriate and qualified approaches in clinical art therapy.

In annual clinical art therapy conferences, we have been inviting the chief of the art therapy associations in each country for extraordinary lectures and workshops in Korea. The connection to global countries in art therapy studies, such as United States, Japan, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Canada, China, and Spain, is our mission as well. The volunteer work and social events with art therapy programs is our internal and international mission sharing the gratitude with clinical staffs, members, and supporters.? The international trainees and students who are study abroad are coming into our settings to learn the Korean clinical art therapy. It is rapidly emphasized onto our missions and goals in development of the oriented art therapy after we established BESETO(Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo) in 2008.

It shows that in growth of the members who are working at clinical settings including hospitals, the therapists’ fields are getting broaden recently. Therefore, the criteria of? roles of clinical art therapist are getting higher and upgraded not merely working as a ‘counselors’, but also as a ‘therapists’ in clinical art therapy field. To meet such a criteria and requirement, we are making an effort for members to gain the proper knowledge and trains at qualified fields. I really appreciate the supporters, committees, and members of the Korean Academy of Clinical Art Therapy for supporting our goals and our events in globally.

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